Frequently Asked Editing, Proof Reading and Ghost Writing Questions

Do I need to know which service I need before I contact you?

Most work we carry out encompasses both proofreading and editing at the same time. You don’t need to know specifically which service you require as Jessica can advise you after reviewing your work.

I’m worried about the quality of my writing, does it matter?

Many writers, even seasoned ones, sometimes doubt the quality of their work. Jessica frequently collaborates with individuals who believe their manuscript is far from perfect. It's not uncommon for some to delay sharing their writing out of fear of judgment. Given the vast number of authors out there, it's natural to wonder how your work compares, but no matter the current state of your writing, Jessica has the expertise to refine and polish any text to its best version.

How do you charge for book editing—by the hour or by word/page count?

Jessica charges per 1,000 words. You can find the current pricing on the book editor pricing page or on the individual services pages. All costs are agreed in advance so you will never find yourself with an unexpected bill.

What genres or types of manuscripts do you specialize in editing?

Jessica is experienced in working on a diverse range of manuscripts. This includes children's books, memoirs, historical accounts, and narratives about personal trauma. She has edited fictional novels across various genres such as science fiction, romance, and mystery. In addition to fictional works, Jessica is adept at refining real-life stories, autobiographies, investigative journalism pieces, and travelogues.

Her expertise also extends to academic dissertations, poetry collections, how-to manuals, political analyses, short story anthologies, and even cookbooks. Regardless of the subject or style, Jessica brings her editing skills to the table, ensuring each manuscript reaches its highest potential.

The topic of my work is very sensitive and sometimes disturbing, is it ok to ask Jessica to work on my project?

Ensuring utmost confidentiality, Jessica has contributed to projects that delve into various facets of human existence, including those that are deeply emotional and distressing. Jessica handles such work with great respect, sensitivity and understanding.

Will I retain the copyright to my writing once Jessica has worked on it?

You always retain 100% of the copyright to your work, no matter how much editing or ghost writing is required.

How long does a typical book editing process take?

The duration of the book editing process can vary widely depending on the length of the manuscript and the extent of editing required. Each project is unique, so it's challenging to provide a one-size-fits-all timeframe. Once Jessica has had a chance to review the specific manuscript and understand your needs, she can offer a more precise estimate.

What formats can I provide my writing to Jessica in? How do I prepare my manuscript before sending it for editing or ghost writing?

The majority of computer formats are acceptable and sent by email or file sharing service, and some clients even send their hand-written manuscripts via recorded mail. However your work currently exists, Jessica will find a way to work with it, so no need to worry.

How will the edits be presented to me?

The most common way is via Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes” feature, where you can see what has been edited compared to your original text.

What if I disagree with some of the edits made?

You are of course free to accept or reject any suggestions made. Jessica wants you to be 100% happy with your final work and can always explain why certain changes were made or suggested.

If I employ Jessica’s ghost writing services, will her name appear anywhere in the work?

All ghost writing is presented 100% as your own work, with no reference to Jessica. She has written complete books for many people, all under the original client’s name.

Do you provide a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement?

Some individuals prefer having a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place, whether for personal assurance or due to conditions set by other parties they collaborate with. Jessica is open to signing an NDA provided by the client or can furnish a template if needed.

How do you handle feedback and revision requests?

Jessica welcomes and values feedback as it ensures that the final product aligns with your vision. When she receives revision requests, she thoroughly reviews them to understand your perspective and makes the necessary adjustments. Her goal is to maintain open communication and work collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcome for your manuscript.

Do you offer a sample of your editing and proofreading?

If required, Jessica offers a free trial where she will edit a few hundred words of your text to make sure you're happy with the quality.

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