Jessica Grace Coleman, Author, Proofreader, Editor
Jessica Grace Coleman, freelance editor and proofreader

Do you need help with your writing?
Jessica Grace Coleman can assist.

Jessica provides freelance copy editing services at very competitive rates

Whether you have completed your life's work and would like it checking through for mistakes, or have your first novel scribbled out on the backs of napkins and don't know how to proceed, Jessica is the professional freelance editor you've been looking for.

What can Jessica do for you?

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"Jessica ensures your requirements are understood before work begins and keeps regular contact"
  • Proofreading with corrections to spelling and grammar
  • Improving the flow of your text and ensuring it makes sense
  • Rewording text to improve or emphasise meaning
  • Checking for continuity throughout storylines
  • Improving dialogue and building on characterisation
  • Preparing your work into formats expected by publishers
Further services include:
  • Carrying out research into fields you wish to include in your writing
  • Helping you plan, outline, brainstorm and schedule your writing
  • Helping you self-publish your works to sell through sites such as Amazon
  • Motivating you and providing ideas to overcome writer's block

"If you have a writing-related project or problem, Jessica can help"

What kind of people does Jessica carry out work for?

Jessica has a wide variety of clients from first-time writers to published authors. She commonly works with:

• People who need help fleshing out their ideas or their notes converting to full prose
People with interesting stories to tell with little or no experience in writing or publishing
• People who would like a fresh pair of eyes to go over their work
• People who require novel editing, book editing and manuscript editing

There are no minimum requirements. If you have a writing-related project or problem, Jessica can help.

"Everyone worries about the quality of their writing"

Why should you contact Jessica to edit your work?

Jessica is completely non-judgemental

Everyone worries about the quality of their writing.

Jessica often works with people who are concerned their work is in 'a terrible state'. In fact, people often admit to her that they've taken so long to do anything with their writing simply because they were afraid of being judged.

With a great sea of authors in the world, it's understandable that people worry how they'll compare. From my own experience, it doesn't matter what state your writing is in, Jessica can make any text ship-shape.

Complete satisfaction guaranteed

As with most things in life, communication is key. Jessica ensures your requirements are understood before work begins and keeps regular contact to keep you updated on her progress. Every single one of her clients to date has been delighted with the work she has produced.

Jessica is a published author

If you need to see further credentials, Jessica has so far published six novels, each of which have received majority 5-star reviews on Amazon.
"Jessica has so far published six novels"

Her very first novel, The Former World, reached number one on Amazon's list for its genre when the book was made available as a free trial promotion.

Jessica has also published a book of her own short stories, plus a non-fiction book on creative writing and two non-fiction titles in the self-development space.

Complete confidentiality guaranteed

All work you submit to Jessica is in total confidence. Your ideas and works-in-progress will remain protected.

Jessica also ghostwrites for numerous individuals, which by its very nature requires confidentiality.

You always own the copyright

This may sound obvious but when Jessica edits work for you, the copyright always remains with you. Her job is solely to make the best of your work.
"Jessica is upfront from the get-go about costs"

There are no hidden fees

As you would want and expect, Jessica is upfront from the get-go about costs. Example costs are given below.

Jessica ran writing competitions to discover new writing talent

Before focusing on her editing work, Jessica ran a well-known and respected monthly writing competition, 'Darker Times Fiction'.

Numerous books have been published featuring the winning stories from these competitions.

How much does Jessica charge for editing?

The two most common services Jessica provides are basic editing, which checks spelling, grammar and obvious typographical errors, and in-depth editing, which involves rewording or rewriting your text to make it clearer and improve the flow.
"Basic editing starts from £10 per 1000 words and in-depth editing from £15 per 1000 words"

Basic editing starts from, I think you'll agree, a very reasonable £10 per 1000 words, and in-depth editing from £15 per 1000 words.

If required, Jessica also offers a free trial where she will edit a few hundred words of your text to make sure you're happy with the quality.

How to begin working with Jessica

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