About Jessica Grace Coleman

Jessica Grace Coleman's roots trace back to the picturesque town of Stafford, England, specifically the charming village of Little Haywood. This village not only served as the backdrop for her early years but also inspired the setting for the Little Forest novels, transforming into the fictional home of Beth Powers.

Her academic journey saw her delving into Film Studies and American Studies at the University of Sussex, Brighton. An opportunity to study at the University of Colorado at Boulder added an international dimension to her education. Beyond the classrooms, Jessica's fervor for exploration led her on extensive travels—from road trips across North America to backpacking adventures in Europe, China, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Her literary prowess is evident in her expansive body of work. Jessica has penned five novels in the much-acclaimed Little Forest series, namely: The Former World, Memento Mori, The Exalted, Carnival Masquerade, and The Gloaming. Beyond this series, she's explored the realm of short stories with her collection, Grown By The Wicked Moon, and shared insights into the craft of writing with her non-fiction series, Creative Ways To Start Creative Writing. The Downfall Trilogy marked another milestone in her writing journey, with "The Downfall" being its inaugural installment.

But Jessica's talents aren't confined to just penning novels and stories. Over the years, she established a thriving editing and ghostwriting business, helping aspiring writers transform their ideas into publish-ready masterpieces. With a personalized approach, Jessica supports writers at every stage of their journey. Whether it's planning the initial outline, refining drafts through meticulous editing, ensuring precision with proofreading, or even taking on the role of a ghostwriter, Jessica offers services tailored to each client's unique needs. Her commitment to delivering top-tier, publish-ready work ensures that every manuscript she touches is polished to perfection.

In 2020, Jessica's path took an unexpected turn. Facing both personal challenges—a severe back injury—and the shared struggles of a global pandemic, she found herself at a crossroads. This period of introspection and transformation led to the inception of the Write Your Life Method. She harnessed her experiences and insights into the realm of personal development, culminating in the release of her self-help book, Write Your Life: The Ultimate Life Hack For Achieving Your Dreams. Combining her literary expertise with personal growth strategies, Jessica has carved a niche for herself, guiding others in harnessing the power of writing to reshape and enrich their lives.